Young Souls and Harry

Young Souls and Harry

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Fringe Double Bill of Young Souls and Harry In Young Souls (performed by our Adult Greenroom graduates), the author imagines what it would be like if the elderly in an old people’s home were revitalised, and the young support staff aged. It’s a hilarious play which also provokes thought about how we see, and experience, age.

Harry is a brilliant piece of new writing which shows us what it’s like for young people to grow up in a society obsessed with money and celebrity.

The play is hugely funny as we meet two fun and lively young women in their first year at University, who immediately bond over a shared love of the singer Harry Styles (One Direction).

We follow their lives over 6 years, and through the laughter, the play doesn’t hesitate to explore harsher realities as the girls leave Uni and the real world beckons.

A massive hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2017. It contains great music too!

This amateur production of "Harry" is presented by special arrangement by SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD