by Maxine Peake

This amateur production of “Beryl” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French, Ltd. ‘

This is an exciting play, both to put on and to watch. Sets off at breakneck pace - and gathers speed!  Our four actors are going to be fit!

Beryl Burton, a Yorkshire lass, discovered cycling when she met her husband-to-be in her teens, and she turned out to be an absolute natural. She had a blatant disregard for her doctors' advice, who tried to discourage her from vigorous exercise and physical exertion due to an illness at the time of her eleven plus exams.

Written by actress and proud Northerner and cyclist, Maxine Peake describes her debut ‘Beryl’ as a "gentle" play. Her aim was simple: "What I wanted, all I wanted really, was a celebration of this amazing woman and her amazing achievements"

‘Beryl’ is witty, charming, and critically acclaimed and celebrates the life and astonishing achievements of this unsung sporting legend: the greatest woman on two wheels. 

"Beryl - Burton - Wife - Mother - Yorkshire Woman - Cyclist - LEGEND!"

Directed by Gilly Rogers

Wharfeside Theatre