Three Mothers

Three Mothers

Three Mothers

by Matilda Velevitch


Three Women, two children, one story….

Given what is happening in the world this is a play of our time.

Set in present day and post World War 2. The audience is immersed in the personal lives and dilemmas facing three female characters.

We follow the stories of Kardy, Gisella and Erika as they make difficult decisions that despite risking everything they know, might change their lives forever.

Not to be missed. This is outstanding storytelling. There is pathos, nostalgia, and some laughter. You will leave feeling uplifted and inspired.

“A compassionate, optimistic play told with warmth and humour.  Three Mothers shows how people can not only survive the most desperate and troubling events, but can, in that survival, also help others in unexpected ways.” 

British Theatre Guide 

Directed by Chris Winstanley 

Wildman Studio