Ladies Unleashed

Ladies Unleashed

Ladies Unleashed

by Amanda Whittington

Old friends Pearl, Jan and Linda are enjoying a long-awaited break on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast when an unexpected visitor arrives. None of them have seen or heard from Shelley for years, so their retreat soon becomes a special, fun and laughter-filled reunion. However, much has changed in all their lives since they were last together and soon tensions begin to arise, as echoes of the past start to impinge.

Intertwined in their narrative is a story of two young women, 19th century herring girls, who dream of a betr future.

Playwright Amanda Whittington’s follow up to her smash hits Ladies’ Day and Ladies Down Under is a moving, uplifting comedy about friendship, growing older and seizing the day.

We were workmates, the four of us. Friends, great friends back in the day. But the world turns and time passes. The person - the people - you might wanna be around changes and that’s fine, that’s life.”

Director Jill Roper

Wharfeside Theatre