A History of Falling Things

A History of Falling Things

A History of Falling Things

by James Graham


Copyright by James Graham, copyright agent: Curtis Brown Group Ltd, 5th floor, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4SP.

Robin and Jacqui meet in an online chat room. Romance blossoms and the next logical step is to meet. What could be simpler? They only live a few streets apart.

Only there’s a problem – they cannot leave their homes due to a crippling fear of falling things, particularly satellites and space junk (yes, it’s a phobia that really exists). However, if they can’t find the courage to confront their fear and embrace what’s real, how are they ever going to stay together?

This is a truly original play that premiered in April 2009 and there’s a film in the making.  Humorous, touching, thought provoking and hugely entertaining, it’s a 21st century love story from one of the country’s finest writers.

James Graham is a phenomenon: he has had huge critical and box office acclaim. For the theatre, he wrote the hilarious political drama, This House (seen at Leeds Playhouse in 2008); Ink, about Rupert Murdoch; Labour of Love; for TV he wrote Brexit, an Uncivil War and Quiz about the infamous Who Wants to be a Millionaire affair. His writing is current, accessible, and funny, with a wonderful lightness of touch. Not to be missed.

“You’re the person I know most about in the world who knows most about me but who I’ve never met.”

Directed by Rachel Conyers

Wildman Studio