Exectutive Theatre Committee (ETC)

Exectutive Theatre Committee (ETC)

The ETC is there to ensure the happy, secure running of all key aspects of the Playhouse.  It meets regularly to monitor and discuss any issues arising from the other committees, the ongoing rehearsals, performances, publicity and general house concerns.   It is attended by the Heads of Departments: Artistic Director, Publicity Director, Bar Director, Facilities and Technical Director; and Theatre Manager.

 Geraldine Woodhouse

 Chair of ETC

Acting, the spoken word and interpretation have, now I look back, always defined my life: from early school days and nativity plays, poetry and drama exams through to secondary school and then on to university drama and finally amateur theatre, wherever I have lived.

In the past, I have always focused more on acting and being on the fringes of organizing and admin by being on various committees until last year when I resolved to say ‘yes’ if I were asked to take on more responsibility! I have not regretted my decision and I have enjoyed being involved with both the day-to-day running of the Playhouse as Chair of the ETC and the more strategic planning of the Trustees.

I have been a member here since 1984 and all my family has been embedded in different aspects of the Playhouse over 30 years! I was particularly pleased to have been asked to be Chair as I feel that it is time for me to support the Playhouse and all aspects of its developing role in the community and, of course, in its primary role as the source of varied, impressive and top quality productions.  As one of many long-standing members, I also respect our past as well as look to the future.

I feel a huge connection with the Playhouse and hope I can ensure the continued and sustained ethos of the Playhouse, and continue to celebrate the contributions of all our past members and productions which will assure our future.  I have recently had tangible proof of the very real friendship and support which the community that is the Playhouse offers to its members.  It is this which underpins everything which takes place here.

 Jamesine Cundell Walker

 Artistic Director

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 Jonty Hawkes

 Chair of Ilkley Players Club (Bar) Committee

I joined the Playhouse 8 years ago and helped behind the bar for a couple of years before joining the Committee. In 2016 I became Chairman when the then retiring Chairman volunteered me for the role, I was a bit slow taking the pace back!

Our primary responsibility on the Committee is to ensure the bar and coffee bar are open, staffed and stocked whenever required and that they remain profitable, a very important task I’m sure you will all agree.

I am a ‘Club Man’. By that I don’t just mean an ‘Ilkley Playhouse Man’ - whatever club I am a member of I like to support and help that club to progress and prosper. Doing this means I get to know more members than I would otherwise so making my ‘Club Life’ more enjoyable.

I can honestly say that if I had not got involved with Ilkley Playhouse my life would have been the poorer for it. There are a variety of enjoyable and not too onerous opportunities at the Playhouse on the bar or coffee bar, set building, House Managers, programme sellers… Come and join us and help us enrich your life!

 Richard Speight,

 Facilities and Technical Director

Becky Carter

Publicity Director

 Justine Sowden

 Theatre Manager

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