Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Welcome to our first Member interview.

This month under the Spotlight is Geraldine Woodhouse, who is currently in rehearsals for Murder, Margaret and Me by Philip Meeks.

Interview by Livy Potter.

  1. How did you get involved with Ilkley Playhouse?

  1. I joined when Paul and I moved from the Wirral to Burley-in-Wharfedale back in 1984. I have always acted wherever I was and was so pleased to find Ilkley Playhouse. I still vividly remember auditioning for Pat Dyson and Malcolm Pinder and the thrill of getting my first part straightaway in the three-hander ‘Children of the Wolf’ with the brilliant Kay Vann and Peter Bennet - both of whom I went on to act with many times.

  1. Which play have you most enjoyed acting in and why? (This doesn’t have to have been at IP)

  1. It is impossible to say which play I’ve most enjoyed. Bearing in mind I’ve done at least one play here every year since I joined, with very few exceptions, that’s a lot of plays! The one I’m acting in is always my favourite, until the next one! I also loved my times at Bingley and at the wonderful old Bradford Playhouse: I loved playing Nora (The Doll’s House), first time round at Bingley and then again at Ilkley and also Gwendoline (The Importance of Being…) at Bradford, amongst other fab parts. I remember really fondly playing Elizabeth Bennett in David Wildman’s Pride and Prejudice; I adored being Daisy in Daisy Pulls it Off; I still giggle a lot when I remember All my Sons and then there was Amadeus and …..well, I could go on and on…Oh and I loved doing A Comedy of Errors directed by Pat Dyson and set in a Hollywood film set – fab times! And ‘Breath of Life’ more recently in the Wildman will remain one of my many favourites. Sometimes it’s the play; sometimes it’s the part, or the director, and sometimes it’s the whole mix that add us to making ‘the production’ such a pleasure!

  1. What’s your worst fear when on stage?

  1. Worst fear – definitely the fear of coming on into the wrong scene and forgetting my lines – or both at the same time!

  1. If you could play any part, what would it be and why?

  1. My one regret is not having done enough Shakespeare and I would love to play Cleopatra.

  1. What did you want to be you were little?

  1. I don’t really remember wanting to be anything really when I was little – I toyed with the idea of being a doctor, that didn’t last long, and I did write a play and planned out a whole novel – maybe there’s still time when I finally do grow up!

  1. You’re playing Agatha Christie in Ilkley Playhouse’s next main stage production, ‘Murder, Margaret & Me’. Why should people come and see it? What can they expect?

  1. I’m playing Agatha Christie next and I hope audiences will be as astonished as I was by the story of her friendship with Margaret Rutherford and the hidden lives of these two fascinating and talented and exceptional women.

  2. Murder, Margaret and Me is on from Wednesday the 1st to Saturday the 11th of November.