Journey's End

Journey's End

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By R C Sherriff

Written in 1928, Journey’s End is set in 1918 in France towards the end of the First World War and focuses on one English infantry company.

The action takes place in an officers’ dugout in the British trenches over the course of four days in the run-up to a major German offensive as the men share stories of home, endure endless waiting and prepare for battle.

Based on Sherriff’s own experiences as a young officer during the conflict, the play offers a moving insight into the psychology of war and presents an unflinching portrayal of life on the front line where against all the odds the men manage to maintain their humanity.

Directed by Yvette Huddleston

In the Wharfeside Theatre

This amateur production of “Journey’s End” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD