Yes, Prime Minister

Yes, Prime Minister

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By Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn

When Yes Minister written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn was first aired on TV in February 1980, politics changed for ever.

Those of you who were around then will remember the idiotic truthfulness of the witty dialogue, recognizable political situations and the brilliant delivery of the lines by the actors. Paul Eddington played the Cabinet Minister in the Department of Administrative Affairs and Nigel Hawthorne his Permanent Secretary. It was so successful that the writers launched another series titled Yes, Prime Minister in 1986 using the same actors but with the hapless Jim Hacker, now the Prime Minister, and Nigel Hawthorne still trying to lead him down uncertain paths.

In 2010 the same authors created a stage version with the same cast used in the revived TV version, the plot line combines all the situations that governments find themselves in today. The manipulations and bending of truths seem all too recognizable. Provided the world situation does not change radically by the time that you see this production (July 2018), the subtle dialogue, and hopefully the excellent acting of the cast who will perform for you will leave you chuckling your way home.

There will be a Signed Performance on Tuesday 17 July. Please contact the box office for more information.

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

In the Wharfeside Theatre

Directed by Raymond Williams