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The Herd

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


by Rory Kinnear

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with NICK HERN BOOKS 

Directed by Rick Hyland

It’s Andy’s twenty-first birthday. Not that he’s counting. But his mother Carol is. Counting the minutes until he arrives, counting the unexpected guests, counting the times that something like this has happened before.

Does life ever turn out quite the way we imagined? As everything seems to be falling apart, will this family be able to pull together?

This sharp and witty play examines how a severe disability for one family member can define the lives of all those around him. A situation which the playwright, Rory Kinnear, faced through his own childhood.

He manages to blend the sensitivity and irreverence that you would expect from someone with first-hand experience and the result is both heartwarming and funny in equal measure.

The production contains strong language.

"And here he is. Still soldiering on. Defying them all. Doctors said he wouldn’t make it past nineteen – didn’t reckon on the Wilkinson family fighting spirit."


"A baby. This poor family. Just what we need, someone else who needs a hand taking a crap."

Thursday 7th - Saturday 16th November 7.30pm

Matinee: Saturday 9th November 2.30pm

Tickets £14, £12, £6 and £5

Wharfeside Theatre