Humble Boy

Humble Boy

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Humble Boy

by Charlotte Jones

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

Astrophysics and simmering family tensions lead to laugh out loud comedy in Charlotte Jones’s prizewinning play.

When the play first appeared at The National Theatre in 2001, Jones was hailed as a new and exciting voice in British theatre. The play is very clever and very funny. It is fast and furious with each character carefully drawn.

The play is based around the relationship between stuttering physicist Felix and his extremely chic mother. Flora is a former bunny girl who is now queen bee in the local community.  We first meet them just after the death of Felix’s father. Tensions rage as we discover that Flora’s lover, a colossal bore of a man, has in fact been her lover for quite some time.

Of course, to add to the confusion this oppressive man is the father of Felix’s ex-girlfriend. Buzzing around them all are Flora’s best friend, Mercy and the gardener.  

Taking inspiration from Hamlet, Felix and Flora work out their new relationship after his father’s death to hilarious and thought provoking  consequences. An enjoyable summer’s break on a cold January evening.

Directed by Mervyn Button

Wharfeside Theatre