Humble Boy

Humble Boy

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Humble Boy

by Charlotte Jones

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

Hamlet as a comedy? You must be joking? Well listen to the plot and see what you think:

Felix Humble is drawn back to the family home after the death of his father, a biology teacher and amateur beekeeper. Felix is an astrophysicist who discovers that solving the riddle of his emotional life is much more challenging than his professional quest for a unified string theory. There in the English country garden, we find his mother Flora who has moved on all too quickly with her life after the death of her husband. She is giving her undivided attention to her old friend George, whose daughter Rosie Felix once courted.  And there you have it; the cast of Hamlet is pretty much assembled.

But this is after all a comedy, so Humble Boy is much more straightforward and concludes with an ‘ahh’ factor ending which of course cannot be said of the troubled Dane. An enjoyable summer’s break on a cold January evening.

Directed by Mervyn Button

Wharfeside Theatre